Thursday, 14 March 2013

City Guide - Philadelphia City - Sherry Lu Photography

Sherry, of Sherry Lu Photography, is an incredibly lucky young woman. We are always following her travels on facebook, whether it is to NYC, The interior of BC, or somewhere else that produces stunningly eye catching photos.

Recently I (Ainsley) saw Sherry made a trip to the wonderful city of Philly. Home to more than just cream cheese, this city sparks the imagination of historians, foodies and lovers of brick everywhere. Not only that, it makes the perfect destination for a "city guide" honeymoon.

Many of you may have seen our first issue's city guide to the Meat Packing District of NYC by Amanda Picone Photography, and so now we take you across the river to Philadelphia!

Be sure to take a read at the bottom with some travel notes from Sherry!

- Ainsley xo

I chose to share photos of Philadelphia with lots of brick, as this is the most commonly used structural element within the city. While visiting Philly I had the opportunity to take in many cool attractions, including the Franklin Institute - much like our cities Telus World of Science! This whacky and fun science centre has attractions for all ages, and is set within a gorgeous historical building! Check out more info here: Franklin Institute.

Another favourite attraction of mine was the Shake Shack. Originally based only in NYC, they have recently opened in Philly! They serve up a great meal for anyone to enjoy, and my favourite was their burger and of course their milkshakes!

One of the highlights of the city is checking out the City Hall. The public is allowed to walk around the hall, and inside the centre is a gorgeous courtyard worth taking photos of.

Last but not least, I would highly reccommend checking out Statue Park which is located near City Hall, as well as College Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. It is the oldest building on campus, and has amazing architecture!

I hope these photos inspire you to travel to Penn State, and visit the wonderful city of Philadelphia!

- Sherry Lu xo


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