Thursday, 26 September 2013

In the Mountains

I am a mountain's girl.

Raised in BC, it's really, honestly, hard not to be. Every opportunity to be outside is like a breath of fresh air in every way - in my physical life, mental life, business life, and my personal well being life. Lately I have been inspired by mountain range weddings: from Benj Haisch's recent elopement, to Tomasz's same day edit on the top of a rocky distant surface - I'm absolutely obsessed with anything adventure like.

As much as I am a city girl, it feels great to get outside into the forrest - have you today?

- A. xoxo

Sunday, 15 September 2013

FROM OUR FRIENDS: One frame from Shari & Mike

Can we please talk about how beautiful this is?

Wait, let's not - just soak in that love.

- A. xo

From Shari & Mike - For more info on our friends, click here!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

FROM OUR FRIENDS: Get Teched! with Kayla English Creative

We love sharing fun things that our friends are working on! Kayla English  is a local graphic designer who makes all things pretty! From product design, wedding stationary, and more we can't get enough of her fun, easy-going and authentic style.

We keep up with her blog, and fell head over heels for her desktop wallpapers that are free to download. They make the daily view of your screen just that much more pretty! We can't get enough of those hot hot lips welcoming us to our daily grind every morning!

Go get yourself one:

Kayla English Creative Blog 

To find out more about our Refinery Friends, click here!

IN THE ISSUE: Danica & Bryden are Married!

There are many things that occupy our time leading up to the next issue of The Refinery Magazine. We spend hours upon hours scoping out the next great vendor, the most appealing weddings and engagements and most importantly we focus all of our findings on "Will our readers love this?". 

When we first stumbled upon Brittany Mahood Photography's blog, with thanks to Megan Hildebrant, we couldn't help but love her attention to detail, soft romantic approach to photography, and her ease at meeting and shooting some effortlessly stunning couples - both inside and out.

We were thrilled to feature Danica & Bryden's wedding in the last issue of The Refinery Magazine, and hope you will head over and take a read through what this adorable couple have to say about weddings, love and marriage!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Olivia & Patrick are Engaged!

There is a neighbourhood in Vancouver (for those of you who don't know our neck of the woods), called Gastown. Filled with new life, overflowing with creatives, brimming with enthusiasm, it's hard not to love the cobblestoned old streets of Gassy Jack's town. It's only a hop, skip and a jump away from the downtown core of Vancouver, however you seem instantly transported back to old town Vancouver, as many of the original buildings and fixtures still remain.

One of the residential buildings in Gastown is home to many creatives, including Dufresne Photo/Design. Headed up by Joel, he is capturing couples like Olivia & Patrick in their natural habitat - the uber trendy, welcoming and stylish gastown district. We love this couples clear example if love, caring nature and playfulness that so many Vancouver couples share. It's no wonder we are proud to call Vancity home!

Take a look, and then head over to Joel's website to see more!

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