Wednesday, 17 July 2013

GIVEAWAY // Announcing the winner!

We've had such fun with this giveaway, with a beautiful piece from OhKuol Jewelry we were happy to give our friends a chance to win it!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for the winner) the contest has come to a close and it's time to announce a winner!

Congratulations to...

Thanks for playing! Take a browse through the blog, check out our latest issue, and stay tuned for Issue III which comes out on August 15th!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

WONDERweb // The Dress Theory with Angela & Evan Photography

We stumbled upon this beautiful shoot by All The Flutter and Angela & Evan Photo on pinterest, and we knew that we just had to share it! From the beautiful gowns supplied by The Dress Theory, to the instant magic of the decor, we couldnt pass up the opportunity to show you everything we love about it!

Angela & Evan Photo, All The Flutter, The Dress Theory, and all the other talented people who collaborated on this fabulous shoot call Metro Seattle, Washington home.


I am so excited to share this watercolor themed bridal shoot created by Chesney of All the Flutter .  I love all the details and how fun this would be for a real wedding.  With vintage glass bottles taking center stage underneath a sea of red & pink carnations, this is one of the most colorful creations I’ve seen.  Complete with a watercolor themed cake, brought to us by the lovely ladies at Baked, with perfect little flowers painted on!  The day wouldn’t have been possible without some help from Camille over at The Dress Theory...our favorite bridal boutique in town.  Anyone looking for a wedding dress should definitely check out her shop! I am personally in love with our bride’s makeup and hair…those lilac eyes are gorgeous, and the flowers in her hair are such a great alternative to a veil.  Meghann Oliberos was the creative genius behind each model’s look and has been a long time favorite of ours for both bridal & fashion makeup.  We finished the day at Discovery Park and were pleased to find the sun shinning.  I hope this shoot encourages you to break out of the norm and try something new and exciting for your own wedding….it was certainly inspiring for us to shoot!
Of course none of this would have been possible without our amazing team, thank you! All the FlutterVintage Ambiance,  Seattle Farm TablesBakedThe Dress TheoryCake Envy, & Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Shauna & Jeremy are Engaged! Captured by The Nickersons

There is something beautiful about The Nickerson's photography. This isn't the first time that we have featured their work, as we shared an engagement in our last issue, and in our first issue we shared one of their stunning weddings. The reason why? Because they get it right every time. 

The lighting is stunning, the couple is styled effortlessly, and the setting is always unique and always different. We love how Shauna and Jeremy approached their engagement: With a youthful energy that will truly stand the test of time in their marriage, if they keep playing bocce, keep exploring new places, and keep their love fresh, as seen in their photos.

Congratulations you two, and happy summer! The Nickersons are available for travel worldwide, and call Vancouver, B.C. home.


When we met with Shauna & Jeremy for the first time, we hit it off right away. They are both such personable, kind and fun people.
Honestly, there’s so much we can say about them: how much we enjoyed their sun-soaked engagement session, how we loved that they incorporated some of the things they like into the shoot (doughnuts? yes please!), how we could simply not take a bad picture of these two. Adding in a short water gun fight at the end was incredible too–just so fun, like them! The love between them is sweet, playful and it shines. I mean, we photographed the first part of their shoot in a parking lot! Haha! It goes to show that the love between a couple is enough–more than enough: perfection.
We shared Shauna & Jeremy’s photographs with them last night so they had a chance to see them first. Shauna posted a few of her favourites to Facebook and captioned one with a snippet of lyrics from a song I’m currently obsessed with: What I Wouldn’t Do By Serena Ryder. I feel like those lyrics really apply to the deep love that runs between them. It’s beautiful! Give Serena’s song a listen here while you go through their photographs.
Your love is like an ocean
that always takes me homeWhispering wind is blowingtelling me I’m not aloneYour love is like a riverthat I am floating downI’ve never been a swimmerbut I know that I’ll never drownI know that I’ll never drown
under different shades of blue
I’ve fallen in your water
forget everything I knew
Woah-oh-oh Woah 
Woah-oh-oh Woah
Woah-oh-oh Woah 
Oh what I wouldn’t do 
Oh what I wouldn’t do

The current grows stronger

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Melissa & Jordan are Engaged, Captured by Shari & Mike Photographers

As summer continues to be glorious here on the westcoast so many couples are taking advantage of the fantastic weather we have been enjoying. Melissa & Jordan are no exception! With Shari & Mike Photographers in tow, they have captured some timeless and beautiful engagement photos. The lighting is perfect, the composition is stunning, and our hearts melt when we see how much love these two share... And they are getting married in just a few short days! Congratulations!

We are looking forward to our next issue, which is due on August 15th, and this will not be the first and last time you see work by Shari & Mike from us. Catch another engagement from these two in Issue III, coming to your online newsstand in just over a month! Shari & Mike are available for travel worldwide, and call Vancouver, B.C. home.


A few months back we got an email from a Melissa asking about photography for her wedding. As with all our inquiries, we set up a coffee date with her to give us a chance to meet + chat about her big day. When we walked into the coffee shop I immediately saw a stunning red head sitting by herself + I had my fingers crossed that she was the Melissa we were meeting. Sure enough, it was + we were so excited when her + Jordan decided to book us to capture their special day. These two are quality people. Melissa is a kind soul, who is as sweet as pie, a talented dancer, and will one day make the most amazing teacher. Jordan is one big kid at heart, who doesn’t take life too seriously, and can easily make his future bride laugh. I am sure a typical day with these two would not be boring with Jordan around. We definitely had a lot of fun with Melissa + Jordan, taking photos at different spots around Kitsilano + finishing at Jericho Beach.
I love hearing how people met + I must say that these two have one of my most favorite stories.
“Jordan and I owe our relationship to a psychology class, an astrology website, and a box of Timbits… Really.
The September that we met, I was in the process of ending a relationship and had come across a website that said that I should only date a Pisces as they were my perfect astrological match. I jokingly said to the person next to me that I would only be dating Pisces from here on out. Jordan, sitting two seats down, leaned over and said “I’m a Pisces, want a donut?” I accepted his Timbit offer and after a few months of flirting we started dating.”
ADORABLE. Can’t wait to be a part of their wedding in just a few more sleeps :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Kate & Steve at Camp Angelos, Captured by June Lion

It is always exciting when we meet new photographers. Whether we stumble upon them in unique ways, or we recieve a submission from someone we have never heard of, it is always a treat to take a look through their online blogs, recent work, and portfolio. We had a real pleasure looking through the stunning work of Kelly Wilde from June Lion Photography. Her sense of detail, emotion and earthy approach to her subjects and photography seem to collide into each other, and come out looking as stunning as Kate & Steve's recent wedding in Corbett, Oregon!

We love everything about Kate & Steve's camp wedding, from the personal DIY touches, to the stunning landscape to that ahhhmazing silver airstream trailer, we couldnt get enough of it! Take a look and enjoy the  love that Kate & Steve truly share for each other! June Lion is available for travel worldwide and calls Portland, Oregon home.

The Proposal:
We went on 2 week Christmas/New Years trip to Europe and he carried (unbeknownst to me) my great-grandmothers diamond with him the whole time waiting for the perfect moment.  Steve waited until we were on the tarmac at the airport ready to fly home from Paris...he popped the question in seat 30A on 1-2-12!  what a chump!  but so Steve.  Every time he'd reach into his pocket during the trip, I'd say "I'm bored, lets go!" or "I'm hungry, let's go" or "look over there, let's go" not giving slow-Steve the chance!  haha!  
The Wedding:
The wedding was at Camp Angelos in Corbett, Oregon on a gorgeous early fall day. The theme was sort of vintage DIY with an unfiltered part vibe. We had an airstream parked in the woods that Steve and I camped in while we were there and some of our guests stayed in the cabins. I was in love LOVE with my flowers designed by Emerald Petals. Our French Bulldog was the dashing ring bearer who wore a tux and made every attempt to steal the show. Probably the only tradition Steve and I kept was not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. When we saw each other down the aisle, we lost it, and had such an emotional ceremony with many friends and family participating.  The person who married us was the person that introduced us - full circle!  
After the ceremony we went and took photographs with our wedding party by this majestic river running next to the camp. We then joined in on our cocktail hour where our guests greeted us by throwing bird seed and were playing lawn games and hanging out in the tents we made from colorful bedsheets.
We had a relaxing dinner outdoors of southern comfort food and for desert we had our favorite ice cream cart, Ruby Jewel, making homemade ice-cream sandwiches and cones. For the reception we didn't want your standard wedding music so we hired a DJ to spin records. DJ Cecilia played abstract french music and surf rock that made us and our guests go-go all night long.  Of course, we did the late night 80's dance party from our our playlist!
Our guests had a lot of fun with the photo booth guest book that our photographers set up at the reception. Perhaps a little too much fun. There are many photos from that photo booth that we are not at liberty to share with the rest of the world. 
The wedding did not go without it's mishaps though! Our wedding coordinator broke her leg a week before the wedding and had to coordinate the day from crutches. Also, during family photos by a pond my Uncle Mark fell in backwards when the rope he was leaning on gave way. Family threw him a rope for him to climb to safety. And even though him and his suit were all wet, he was ok, and everyone had a good laugh about it. 
The day was pretty memorable for us and I can only hope it was for our family and guests too. We had a day full of tears and laughter and I got to marry a great guy so I guess that means it was a success.

I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been this past year with having clients I can afterwards call my friends. Kate and Steve were no exception and they had such a fun wedding at Camp Angelos that was so refreshingly unfiltered. They blended crass, gross jokes, and happy tears so seamlessly. The to-die-for-flowers were designed by Emerald Petals, tasty tasty homemade ice cream was by Ruby Jewel Scoops, and the one that surf rocked them so hard into the night was DJ C├ęcilia. And the best idea ever for camping in the woods for your wedding–that gorgeous airstream that I included an ungodly amount of photos of.

dessert- Ruby Jewel Scoops |

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