Monday, 29 April 2013

Inspiration for this long, but lovely Monday...

It's Monday, we know - you're feeling a little bit sluggish! But that weather is beautiful, and apparently it's here to stay. Here's a little inspiration for this long, but lovely Monday!

 It's almost patio party weather, and we can't wait! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Madison's Picks: Black & White

To be honest, I am a big sucker for black and white! I have always been drawn to it and sometimes I need my friends and family to be like, "lady, step away from the black, and use some colour!".

But, as I grow as a person and designer I am learning to appreciate the thoughtful integration of a second, or even third colour. I still think black and white is a great classic way to decorate your home, or even wardrobe but it is really important to integrate a pattern or a some other elements to give some "life" to your space or outfit!

Enjoy, and check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Friday, 12 April 2013

City Guide - Nanaimo - Sherry Lu Photography

As you probably have noticed, us girls over here on The Refinery Mag team, love to travel.
Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of opportunities to get out there and enjoy this beautiful world, but thankfully we have many friends that do! Take Sherry Lu for example: This amazing photographer seems to travel the world: and we get to benefit from it, because her photos are stunning!

Here is Sherry's recent trip to Nanaimo, and how even a day trip or a weekend to the fair city is worth it. Even if its just for a Nanaimo bar!

From Sherry:

There is something for everyone in Nanaimo. From good eats to good sight seeing, to just chilling on the waterfront, you can find something that will make you feel like you are far away from home: even though we are just a short ferry ride away.
While visiting Nanaimo, I highly suggest enjoying a little mexican, some fresh baked goods, and take in the beautiful west coast scenery!
If you haven't already visited Nanaimo, now is the time!

Monday, 8 April 2013

"If someone offers you a breath mint, take it."

Nothing says fresh like mint!

Can you believe I am going with another colour in the green family for my pick this week? I was inspired by a certain colour I saw on the beaucoup bakery shoot last weekend (wink wink)! This colour is so fresh and bright. It is the perfect colour for the summertime sunshine.

Why not incorporate this lovely colour into your everday outfits? I am into wearing these bright colours to embrace the coming summer. What I like about mint greens, pale pinks and bright tangerine colours is that they are fresh colours that are not too overwhelming. Everyone can pull off this minty fresh colour.

Check out our Pinterest page for our latest pins! Thanks for browsing through our picks of the week!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Plant a little love...

This week, one of our favourite Etsy finds is this letter planter by Rooted In Succulents.
We are definitely getting one for our office - a giant R of course!

We recommend checking out her Etsy page - it would definitely make a statement at your wedding this Spring/Summer! 

Jessica lives in Florida but ships all over the world - she has a few options for you, she can send you one with the plants, and also one without so you might have to hit up your favourite Vancouver florist to hook you up with some unique succulents, or you could give it a try yourself if you're a DIY kind of person! 

Take a look here - you're probably going to want one! 

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