Friday, 12 April 2013

City Guide - Nanaimo - Sherry Lu Photography

As you probably have noticed, us girls over here on The Refinery Mag team, love to travel.
Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of opportunities to get out there and enjoy this beautiful world, but thankfully we have many friends that do! Take Sherry Lu for example: This amazing photographer seems to travel the world: and we get to benefit from it, because her photos are stunning!

Here is Sherry's recent trip to Nanaimo, and how even a day trip or a weekend to the fair city is worth it. Even if its just for a Nanaimo bar!

From Sherry:

There is something for everyone in Nanaimo. From good eats to good sight seeing, to just chilling on the waterfront, you can find something that will make you feel like you are far away from home: even though we are just a short ferry ride away.
While visiting Nanaimo, I highly suggest enjoying a little mexican, some fresh baked goods, and take in the beautiful west coast scenery!
If you haven't already visited Nanaimo, now is the time!


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