Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Our Jams - Lucy Schwartz: "Turn Your Light On Me"

We're playing email catchup this evening, and lord knows, a girl has GOT to have some sweet tunes to get you through the sometimes tedious work of sifting, typing and sending.

Check out this sick tune I found through a good friend of mine - it's really catching my ears! Oh, and I'm super jealous of her skills - she is only a year older than me!

Happy evening work time my friends!

xo A.

Friday, 18 October 2013

All the Fog...

All the fog around Vancouver has really been bringing back fond memories of our first big bridal shoot with The Apartment Photography in Gastown. Here is a favourite shot of Julia in Truvelle Bridal's Julia Gown on the roof beside the old Woodwards W.

This shoot happened in January of this year for our very first issue, and it reminds us that our 1 year anniversary issue is quickly coming up! We are so excited to share what we have planned for all of you!

- A xoxo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Our Jams - Dresses: "Blew My Mind"

its a busy day in the office for us refinery girls, and the only thing keeping us moving forward to our launch date of November 15th is some seriously good music. With a couple of shoots coming up with a bevvy of good creative friends in tow, we need to add this to our playlists for sure!

Too much dancing, i tell yah!

Happy Thursday!

xo A & M

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