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CITY GUIDE: North Rustico, Prince Edward Island

When I was a child my grandmother was heavily involved with the Vancouver Gaelic Choir. Having been raised in a very scottish influenced family, a part of that heritage has stuck with me to this day. The Vancouver Gaelic Choir took a trip to the East Coast of Canada when I was 10 years old, and I still remember the beautiful read soil, Anne of Greene Gables Heritage Site, and the amazing soft sand beaches where you could walk for miles. I still recall swimming in the warm waters, wishing I could stay there for the rest of my life.

Isn't that a feeling you should always want when you go somewhere? Now a few years later, when we came around to deciding what city guide we wanted for the next issue of The Refinery, it felt natural to look at eastern Canada once more. We were thrilled to receive this stunning "village guide" from Rachel Peter's Photography in PEI, and thank her for a fantastic write up, which you can read below!

For more info on PEI, we suggest visiting:

From Rachel Peters:

North Rustico is not a city nor a town. It's more like a village that welcomes you with open arms. As soon as you come down the first big hill towards the ocean side scape, you smile. Taking in a big deep breath of that salty ocean air prepares your senses for what will come your way. North Rustico is located aside the world famous Cavendish, where Lucy Maud Montgomery's fictional Anne of Green Gables grew up.

Local's call North Rustico the 'crick', for which a 'creek' runs through it. A seaside community, on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is one of a welcoming nature, was founded in 1790. Residents pride themselves on being a unique fishing community and live from the sea. May – July lobster is fished here and proudly ate by all islanders and tourists from afar. Deep Sea Fishing excursions happen daily for cod and mackerel trips and are a fun way to enjoy the ocean and a local fisherman's stories. Fresh local fish and lobster can be bought in the village's fish market. Sweets and treats for afterwards in the local small town bakery. Good food is definitely a part of this community and life.

Such a peaceful, relaxed feeling being in North Rustico. After you finish a seafood extravaganza at Fisherman's Wharf or the Blue Mussel Cafe, you can head to the nearest beautiful beach, all within a 5 minute walk. On one side of the beach, the locals will bridge jump on a hot summer day, the other side is a beautiful white sand beach with dunes and red cliffs. Beautiful landscapes are of no shortage in this area.

Most people stay in B&B and cottages in this area. Most locals would invite you into their home if you there was no vacancy to be found. It is just that kind of community. AirNnb or VRBO can help you find a sweet little ocean front home to stay in.

A sense of strong community values and life and welcomes any stranger in to feel at home. Working together to create a sense of 'home' has always brought travellers to visit and eventually want to stay.

Friday, 30 August 2013

IN THE ISSUE: Archimallows Vendor Profile

As a local Wedding Magazine, we have had such fun these past few months meeting local businesses, and helping them grow! We met Kyle of Archimallows through our friend Meghan over at Your PiƱata! and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share such a fantastic favour and sweet idea for your big day! We took a quick trip up to whistler one sunday morning with our friend Sherry Lu and then a few weeks later, we shared Archimallows with our readers. Lets just say, he was an INSTANT hit! 

Our favourite thing about Archimallows? If you have a flavour you love, Kyle can make it! Having a Green Apple Signature Martini for your guests drinking pleasure? Well, send them home with a pack of green apple marshmallows for the ride home. The possibilities are endless, and we know Kyle has made an abundance of flavours, shapes and products that can please any picky guest.

Read more about Kyle in Issue three at

Thursday, 29 August 2013

WONDERweb: James Melia Photography

Once in a blue moon you come across someone that has a really fantastic eye for their creative love. James Melia has proven to us over the past few months that his work continually shifting, growing, evolving, but most importantly, he strives to capture amazing love stories with his work.

Here is a beautiful Portrait session that James captured, and when we saw it on his new website, that he launched this morning, we couldn't help but share! Truly beautiful!

Take some time for yourself this winter, grab a local photographer, whether you are in London or Vancouver, and have a few photos of yourself snapped. Don't forget to document your life. Your kids will thank you in 20 years.

Check out James' work on his new website at: James Melia Photography

IN THE ISSUE // Sidnee & Daniel are Engaged!

Over the past few months since we started The Refinery Magazine, we have stumbled upon a few favourites. Sometimes its a favourite Vendor, others a favourite love story, and sometimes a favourite city or place! June Lion Photography has worked its way into our hearts as a true fav at The Refinery Headquarters.

From capturing beautiful and meaningful love stories like Sidnee & Daniel's, to choosing the perfect lighting and venue, our gal Kelly continues to inspire us, and obviously inspire you! Based in Portland, we encourage you to think of Kelly for your upcoming wedding, and please take a further look at her website. its totally prime!

To see more and read Sidnee & Daniel's engagement, check out the third issue of The Refinery Magazine: 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

IN THE ISSUE // A Floral Frenzy

In the last issue of The Refinery Magazine, we wanted to share some inspiration for brides who wanted to have some funky hair and fun florals. Throw it all together and you get one big awesome floral frenzy! We had such a blast working with the ladies of Facade West Salon, and Crystal Marie Sing Photography captured every look perfectly. Throw in some amazing florals from our friend Gloria at Flower Factory and a sweet fluttery skirt from Ellebay Bridal Boutique, and we set the mood for some fresh and girly inspiration,

To read more of Issue three, take a visit to our website:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Adventure Issue

Calling all Vendors and Brides, far and wide! 

On January 1st, 2014, we will be releasing an annual special edition Adventure issue of The Refinery Magazine! We are thrilled to be receiving travel guides from areas as distant as the UK, South East Asia, and beyond!

You will also get to see the wonderful work of several amazing photographers and vendors, and we will assist you in making the right choice for your destination wedding! 

Brides who recently got married: 
We want to see your photos, and read your story! Did you have the most memorable destination wedding in a unique country or city? Please share them with us!

Vendors near and dear, abroad and overseas:
Have an amazing wedding that you shot recently that took you on a plane? Based in a funky town that deserves to be seen? Lets chat about it!

Submission info:

Rebecca & Nick Go Surfing - Jamie Delaine Photography

The ocean is a constant source of inspiration for west-coast couples, and we are always seeing the most meaningful weddings that involve the ocean in some manner. The Pacific Ocean can be also a major source of entertainment and activity for people of all walks of life, from walks along the beach, to intense surfing, as seen here in Jamie Delaine's recent surfing session in Tofino, BC.

Having visited Tofino several times to surf and adventure myself, and having been raised in White Rock, a beachside community where I grew up swimming in the ocean once a day during the summer, I couldn't pass up sharing this stunning Pre-Wedding Surfing Session that Jamie Delaine so graciously captured. The crashing waves and the depth of our oceans of the coast of Vancouver Island, mirror the boundless depth of love these two so clearly share for each other!

To see more, visit Jamie's blog here:

From Jamie Delaine:
The morning following Rebecca & Nick’s Tofino engagement session (right outside Middle Beach Lodge) was the start of their wedding day! Now, I haven’t photographed enough Tofino weddings to declare a “trend” (only two!) but here’s my inkling. Couples that choose Tofino for their destination wedding are low-key. You can’t choose Tofino and expect a sunny day. You’ll be disappointed. Tofino is a wet, overcast, damp, heavy climate. A true West Coast rainforest. You’re probably going to get a little soggy on your wedding day. And you’re going to be traipsing through forests and on beaches for photos. (That being said, none of this proved true for the actual wedding. It was the best weather day of the year-incredible. A few Vancouver-Islanders I’ve talked to have been to Tofino upwards of 30 times and seen weather like this once. Once!)
So, when Rebecca and Nick emailed and asked if I would be available to photograph a morning surf lesson with them and half of their guests – I wasn’t surprised. Of course, you crazy Tofino couples, of course. I loved it. Love the hard-working, up for anything, adventurous spirit of these two (They are both doctors! Been dating for 12 years, all throughout college, med school, residence!) and it was a blast capturing a different kind of “wedding morning.”

We're on an Adventure!

In case you haven't been keeping up with what we're up to this summer on instagram, facebook and twitter, then here's whats keep us busy: We're on an adventure!

Madison is down south at the moment in the stunningly beautiful state of florida, taking in all the sights, sounds and theme parks it has to offer! Can you tell im slightly jealous that she gets to go to Harry Potter Land? ill make it easy for you - here is a link to Madison's instagram feed for more of her travel pics:

While she is getting a fine tan under the palm trees, i've been taking off for some awesome roadtrips around BC, for a provincial stay-cation this summer! With weddings and trips taking me from Cranbrook to Galiano Island, it continues to never be a dull moment for myself and my team. We're having a blast, and you can keep up with the shenanigans on instagram at:

Now for the more fun news, all things refinery!

We have so many amazing announcements coming out over the next couple of weeks that it seems hard to contain our excitement. Im going to let one slip right now, because this just seems to be the right time: We are introducing our very first special edition Adventure Issue! On January 1st, 2014, we will be sharing some amazing travel guides, destination weddings, and inspiration for those who crave to get away! We are so excited to be working with the amazing Mariel Hannah Photography from California on a fabulous shoot on all things Cali, as well as featuring travel guides from south east asia, the UK, and New Zealand!

Such fun!

Keep up with our blog and other social media entertainment on our Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages! We'll be back in the office on September 9th, so see you then!

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