Thursday, 28 March 2013

ENJOY your Easter Weekend!

With the long weekend fast approaching (aren’t we all just anxiously awaiting the end of the workday?) I have been “sprung” into a Spring-y & Easter-y mood! I’m all about pinks today, and thought I would share some of the inspiration floating around my desk!

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, or get a day off – make sure you have some time to catch a few rays (isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL out there?) and give smooches to the people you love!

….and maybe eat some (or maybe a lot?) of chocolate too!



Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Floral Inspiration with Kari Herer

The prints above are made by Kari Herer - she is really an inspiration to artists, photographers and designers around the world. I have always been a fan of Kari's work, and with spring seeming to really "spring" these last few days it seemed like the perfect fit to feature her work this week.

Having recently acquired a new print of Kari's I felt the need to share my love for her with all of you! 

I love the pencil sketch, warm floral combo - there really is nothing like these one of a kind prints from Kari. Take a look through her Etsy page and maybe order a print for yourself! Enjoy! 

- Madison

Monday, 25 March 2013

Staff Picks: Madison Hope

With spring starting to become more obvious this week, I am already onto patio parties! I love a great outdoor dinner party with drinks, home made food and great company!

This year I am all about sprucing up your outdoor space with great lines, and great colours! I am just loving the bright wired furniture we're seeing for summer, and I am SO ready to enjoy a mojito in one of those bad boys!

Take a peek through our pinterest page, for more summer inspiration and find these items through the links below - enjoy your week, hopefully it's sunny!

- Madison

melamine plates // necklace // chairs // standing planter // print

Friday, 22 March 2013

Kellen & Liz, captured by Owl & Fox Studios

You know when you meet people who are funny, friendly, full of energy and just all-around awesome? Well, that's what it's like when you meet Kellen & Liz. I (Madison) had the pleasure of working with Liz for a few years at Starbucks, and I have to say, it's hard to stop yourself from falling in love with her! (ha!). It's no wonder that when Kellen & Liz met they fell in love - they both have such great energy and such big hearts that anyone could see that they were meant to be together. 

One of the things I love most about this wedding is that it isn't your typical Mexico wedding - not that there is anything wrong with a hot, sandy destination wedding - but we love that this wedding showcases the side of Mexico you sometimes miss in those photos; great architecture, the music, the emotions and the love, as you can clearly see through this set. Captured by the lovely Owl & Fox Studios - we are happy to present Kellen & Liz on our blog! Enjoy!

- Madison

a little note from Owl & Fox - 
"Our first wedding as a studio was not only a destination wedding, but a wedding that was so near and dear to our hearts.  We just had the pleasure of documenting our Brother and his Wife’s wedding.  Not only document it, but also be in it!
Kellen & Liz are probably one of the most fun couples you will ever meet.  They are so perfectly suited for each other, we’re happy they found one another.  Kellen & Liz do so much together- work at Starbucks (did we mention they met there? She was his Boss), they hike, do boot camp, write comedy, country songs and rap music (I would very much like a song for my birthday please). Kellen is my (Dani) “little” Brother, and seeing him so happy in love makes my heart so alive.
When we arrived in Playa Del Carmen, the moment we stepped off the plane we couldn’t have been more happy.  Being with Kellen & Liz’s family and closest friends, we enjoyed the sun and all that Mexico had to offer.
When you think of normal wedding days, the whole morning is dedicated to getting ready, everything seems absolutely rushed and yet so perfect… yet on Kellen & Liz’s big day, everyone enjoyed the pool and the beach in the morning and just after lunch, did the “getting ready” commence.  Watching Kellen as his bride walked down the aisle, was by far our favourite moment.  There were a lot of great memories, but the best was that two people who absolutely love each other got married, and started their next great adventure!
Congratulations Liz and Kellen!"

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Capturing NZ with Sarah England

Our Canadian friend Sarah England, has embarked on a journey to New Zealand, and as usual, we were blown away with the beautiful way she captures images, and of course the amazing New Zealand backdrop. Above are a few from her first shoot in New Zealand - check out her Facebook for the rest!

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at Sarah's website, we highly recommend it. She's talented, she's creative and when you take a look, you'll agree, she's not just a photographer, she's an artist!

Take a peek & enjoy!

- M

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Out & About - Window Design's at Brick & Mortar Living

We were super excited to be invited to design the March windows of Brick & Mortar Living! We chose a spin off of our spread in our first issue: "Grooms & Greens" - which worked wonderfully with this time of year! (St. Patty's, Spring, Fresh Buds on the trees...)
Take a look at some of the photos captured by Julia over at B&M and then head on over to their facebook page and show them some love! 

- Ainsley & Madison

City Guide - Valparaiso, Chile - Tomasz Wagner Mananetwork (Photography & Videography)

Once in a while you stumble upon something quite wonderful. A couple of weeks ago that something happened for us when we stumbled upon the work of Tomasz Wagner on WedOverHeels. We were astonished by his breathtaking capabilities of capturing life: weddings, celebrations, architecture, moments of love, and capturing moments of travel.

Madison and I have been bringing you inspiration for you to plan your getaway this summer, with last weeks jaunt to gorgeous Philly, and now a little south to Valparaiso, Chile! Tomasz whisked us away with these photos, capturing life in South America and the colourful life it's citizens enjoy. I have always been attracted to the phenomenal energy that Chile exudes, and after seeing these photos, I am definitely putting Chile on my bucket list!

We encourage you to go and check out Tomasz's work on his website:
Also check out some of the other photos from his travels to chile here:


- Ainsley

From Tomasz:

There are two things you won’t see in any other city but Valparaiso: maze-like urban design and a taste for art. You’ll love both!

When at home in Vancouver, I have always thoroughly gone through all my travel plans so that I get the most out of each trip. I want to be spending every day of the trip exploring the area I am in. If this trip has taught me anything, it’s to leave a few gaps in the trip as well as your time. Half the fun is exploring the unknown, outside those guides and boundaries, and to find out about those nooks and crannies from those really in-the-know about a place. Who knows? The locals or fellow travelers you meet can really help shape your trip; if you’re open to the idea of course. I’ve brought this up because Valparaiso was not on my radar at first and neither was the hostel (Casa Kreyenberg) which was also recommended to me by a fellow traveler.
The city of Valparaiso was a seaport that played a huge part in Chile’s development in the second half of the 19th century before the Panama Canal was built. You can learn all about this during the Tours4Tips tour walk. The Waldo-styled tour guide starts with a quick history lesson about the city in the oldest part of the harbour. These tour guides are volunteers and so the best way of showing your appreciation is to provide a tip (or not, if you didn’t enjoy the tour, of course).
What I loved most about this city (and why I stayed for a whole week) is the maze-like urban design and the city’s appetite for art. Everywhere I looked, art caught my eye. I found out that home owners would often contract artists to have their homes literally covered in art. Valparaiso was pretty well covered in 402㎢ of gallery space. It was a maze-like city that begged to be explored. For me, this was the most amazing part of Valparaiso.
Why is Valparaiso so bright and colourful? The British ships loaded up on materials from Chile and offered paint, rocks, and metal, for example, in return. I’m not sure if this was considered a fair trade back then but the artists used these materials to build the city’s stairs, sides of buildings, and gates. To complete these structures, they painted them in a beautiful mish-mash of hues.
I’d say you could walk these streets every day for a week and not see even a quarter of this city.

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